A fast, safe and effective way to get a natural looking golden tan. Benefits of evening primrose oil, jojoba, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and more.  Applied by a trained technician through our state of the art airbrush system.  Our formula does not contain Dioxan, Parabens, Triclosan, Phalates, Cocamide, Petroleum, Alcohol or Artificial Dyes.  The active ingredient is DHA (dihydroxyacetone).  DHA is derived from sugar beets or cane sugar and is a key active ingredient for natural self-tanners.  The skin-browning effect is the result of a nontoxic chemical reaction between DHA and the amino acids which are part of the keratinous layer of the skin’s surface, much like the browning effect in food caramelization.  the resulting color is called melanoidins, similar in color to the melanins our bodies produce naturally when exposed to UV rays. Our formulation also contains Erythrulose, which is another sugar derived from berries. It is a slower working tanning agent and usually takes 2-3 days to develop resulting in a longer lasting tan. The combination of these 2 ingredients result in a deeper more attractive tan that wears more evenly, fades slower and looks more natural.   This is considered the safest form of tanning over chemically-derived self-tanners and sun exposure.

Pre-Tan Instructions:  Exfoliate 24 hours prior.  Exfoliation is very important.                Do any shaving, waxing/sugaring 24 hours prior.  Avoid perfumes, oils, lotions, deodorant the day of the spray tan. Do not shower right before the spray tan as many soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners can leave an invisible film on the skin.  Please come in loose, dark clothing to go home in as there are bronzers in the solution.

Post-Tan Instructions: Avoid water contact (bathing, swimming, hot tubs, sweating, rain etc) for 8 to 12 hours after the spray tan.  This is crucial!!  Avoid tight clothing during this development time.  After 8-12 hours, rinse lightly in shower to remove bronzers.  Avoid exfoliating skin for remainder of tan time.  Gently soap with your hands, not even a wash cloth. Gently blot yourself dry.  Avoid soaking in any salts.  Avoid waxing/sugaring. Chlorinated pools, hot tubs, the ocean, can cause tan to fade quicker.  Some bug sprays can cause fading.

Full Body


Face and Arms